2017 Reservation Staff

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1 Sara Chappell-Dick
11 Christian Hobson
Reservation Office Manager
2 Maddie Rogin
Climbing Wall Staff
12 Charlie Gilroy
Cycle Base Staff
3 Lauren Johnson
13 Steve Pinkowski
COPE/Zip Line Director
4 Sarah Johanson
Ranch Director
14 Patrick Specht
High Adventure Director
5 Ethan Garner
15 IV West
Climbing Wall/Zip Line Staff
6 Tony Pinelli
COPE/Zipline Staff

Bradley Naal
Cycle Base Director

7 Winfield Jones
Country Store Manager
17 Mark Specht
Trek Guide
8 William Strzyz
Climbing Wall Staff
18 Ryan McCarthy
Maintenance Assistant
9 Buddy Meek
Reservation Shooting Sports Consultant
10 Brian Rasmussen
Reservation Director

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