2016 Reservation Staff

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1 Matthew Koch
Trading Post Operations Manager / EMT
11 Alex Vrbancic
Ranch Staff
21 George Gray
Zipline Director
2 Winfield Jones
Reservation Office Manager
12 Trent Zllmer
22 Dan Jenks
East Steward
3 Tony Pinelli
Climbing Wall Staff
13 Claudia Clark
Business Manager
23 Conner Hirsch
Trek Director
4 Barrett Wood
Reservation Program Director
14 Barrett Wood
High Adventure Director
24 Drew Piet
Trek Staff
5 Erin Shamley
Climbing Wall Director
15 Stephen Geidner-Kirby
Ranch Director
6 Sarah Johanson
Ranch Staff

Max Auerbach
Bicycle Program Director

7 Jena Sieckert
Country Store Manager
17 John Lucksa
Bicycle Program Staff
8 Cody Romano
Climbing Wall Staff
18 Brian Rasmussen
Reservation Director
9 Buddy Meek
Reservation Shooting Sports Consultant
19 Patrick Specht
Trek Leader
10 Jake Wachala
Climbing Wall Staff
20 David Hochberg
Country Store Assistant

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