2014 Reservation Staff

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1 Alex Vrbancic
11 Jon Gunter
Trading Post Operations Manager
2 Kevin "Squeegee" Coia
Commissary Assistant
12 Jeffrey Rossbach
Country Store Assistant
3 Mark Specht
High Adventure Trek Leader
13 Ted Martinek
Buckskin Assistant
4 Jim Neubaum
Reservation Director
14 Patrick Specht
High Adventure Trek Leader
5 Nancy Kline
Office Manager
15 Barrett Wood
High Adventure Director
Climbing Wall Director
6 Alex Martinek
16 Claudia Clark
Commissary Director
7 Eleesa Kline
Health Officer
17 Brian Rasmussen
Business Manager
8 Amyra Treiber
Country Store Manager
18 Stephen Kirby
Ranch Director
9 Conner Hirsch
High Adventure Trek Leader
10 Amber
Climbing Wall Assistant

Not Pictured - Brian Kline (Health Officer)

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