2012 East Camp Staff

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1 Kevin "Squeegee" Coia
Dining Hall Aide
11 Nick "Goon" LaLuzerne
Aquatics Counselor
21 Mike Sesterhenn
Trailblazer Counselor
31 Julius Shapiro
41 Jon Rudnick
Scoutcraft Counselor
2 Harvey Kaplan
Aquatics Director
12 Joe "Slinky" Burson
Trailblazer Director
22 David "Nemo" Black
32 Joe "Jarcus" Arcus
Aquatics Counselor
42 Zach "Arthur" Tipton
Trailblazer Counselor
3 Patrick "Luto" Palmer
13 Sam "Launchpad" Marshall
Pinnacle Counselor
23 Sam Tauke
Shooting Sports Counselor
33 Thomas "Seabiscuit" Seabright
Scoutcraft Counselor
43 Theodore "Tripp" Weiner
Dining Hall Aide
4 Nick "Bofa" Peller
14 Geoffrey Wallis
Trailblazer Counselor
24 Henry "French" Thomas
Program Director
34 Greg "Grandma" Reinert
Dining Hall Steward
5 Buddy Meek
Shooting Sports Director
15 Matt Morse
Camp Director
25 Austin Coolidge
Pinnacle Director
35 Brian "Mittens" Fitzgerald
6 Colin "C-Bone" Bernhardt
Handicraft Counselor
16 Mark Bryant
Eco-Con Assistant Director
26 Jojo Amdur
Eco-Con CIT
36 Joe "Pop Tart" Marshall
Handicraft Director
7 Connor "Duper" Ciesil
Handicraft Counselor
17 James Williamson
Dining Hall Aide
27 Dan Rocha
Shooting Sports Director
37 William "Scuttle" Delva
8 Dan Galinovskiy
Scoutcraft Counselor
18 Geoff "Booster" Ziemann
Archery Director
28 Ben "Lampy" Lampere
38 Henry Peters
9 Tyler Adams
Aquatics Counselor
19 Jon Gunter
Trading Post Manager
29 Patrick Thompson
Assistant Aquatics Director
39 Brian Nebolsky
10 Nick Minor
20 Ben "Dobby" Dobbertin
Aquatics CIT
30 Sean Thoms
Scoutcraft Director, OA Honorsmaster
40 Michele Morse
Eco-Con Director

Special Appearances:
The Guppy Ford F-150
The Brother HL-2040 Laser Printer

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