2011 East Camp Staff

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1 Colin "C-Bone" Bernhardt
11 Will "Scuttle" Deliva
21 Buddy Meek
Shooting Sports Director
31 Tyler Adams
Aquatics Instructor
41 Mike Sesterhenn
Shooting Sports Assistant Director
2 Kevin "Squeegee" Coia
Dining Hall Aide
12 Joe "Pop Tart" Marshall
Eco-Con Instructor
22 Jonathan Gunter
Assistant Pinnnacle Director
32 Nick "The Goon" LaLuzerne
Aquatics Instructor
42 Sean "Kiwi" Thoms
Scoutcraft Director
3 Austin Coolidge
Pinnnacle Director
13 Sam Tauke
Scoutcraft Instructor
23 Thomas "Seabiscuit" Seabright
Dining Hall Aide
33 Brendan Kennedy
Trading Post Manager
43 Geffrey Wallis
4 Daniel "Doughnuts" Arden
Shooting Sports Instructor
14 Joe "Slinky" Burson
Trailblazer Assistant Director
24 Jojo Amdur
34 Connor "Duper" Ciesil
Handicraft Instructor
5 Michele Morse
Eco-Con Director
15 Dan Galinovskiy
Handicraft Assistant Director
25 Joel Schleicher
Handicraft CIT
35 Joe "Jarcus" Arcus
Aquatics Instructor
6 Ben "Lampy" Lampere
16 Jon Rudnick
Scoutcraft Assistant Director
26 Harvey Kaplan
Aquatics Assistant Director
OA Honorsmaster
36 Jerry Johnson
Dining Hall Aide
7 Matt Morse
Aquatics Director
17 Nick Monfardini
27 Greg "Grandma" Reinert
37 Marc Meyer
Trailblazer Director
8 Charlie O'Brien
Camp Director
18 Sam Dummer
28 Alex Vrabancic
Aquatics CIT
38 Jeff "Booster" Ziemann
Archery Director
9 Chris MacDonald
Program Director
19 Tripp Weiner
29 Henry "French" Thomas
Handicraft Director
39 Sam "Launch Pad" Marshall
Aquatics Instructor
10 Mark "Mork" Bryant
Eco-Con Assistant Director
20 Andy Hoose
Shooting Sports Director
30 Zach "Arthur" Tipton
Trailblazer CIT
40 Patrick Thompson
Aquatics Instructor

Special Appearances:
The Guppy Ford F-150
The Brother HL-2040 Laser Printer

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