2009 East Camp Staff

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1 Ben Lampere
Trailblazer Asst. Dir.
11 Joe Burson
21 Beki Sonin
Handicraft Counselor
31 Chris Gustafson
Dining Hall Aide
2 Rich Downes
Scoutcraft Counselor
12 EJ Kenny
Trailblazer Counselor
22 Diane Zabel
32 Eric Alviani
Trading Post Manager
3 Buddy Meek
Shooting Sports Dir.
13 Aaron Pearsall-Brandon
Aquatics Counselor
23 Cathy St. Johns
33 Joshua Lewis
4 Greg Reinart
14 Nick Laluzerne
Aquatics CIT
24 Sam Marshall
Aquatics Counselor
34 Chris Haak
Eco-Con Director
5 Alex Dupras
Archery Director
15 Harvey Kaplan
Aquatics Counselor
25 Marc Meyer
Aquatics Counselor
35 Chris MacDonald
Program Director
6 Michele Morse
Handicraft Counselor
16 Mike Sesterhenn
Eco-Con Counselor
26 Sean McMahan
Scoutcraft Director
36 Matt Morse
Aquatics Director
7 Sarah Pfluger
Trailblazer Director
17 Henry Thomas
Scoutcraft Counselor
27 Eric Sorkin
Shooting Sports Director
37 Matt Davidson
Handicraft Director
8 Sean Thoms
Scoutcraft Asst. Dir.
18 Geoff Ziemann
Shooting Sports Counselor
28 Brandon Kennedy
Dining Hall Steward
38 Austin Coolidge
Aquatics Counselor
9 Joe Marshall
Eco-Con CIT
19 Danny Zorc
Aquatics Asst. Dir.
29 Addison McDaniel
Aquatics CIT
39 Ben Frelka
Eco-Con Counselor
10 A.J. Downes
Shooting Sports CIT
20 Andrew Rabler
Dining Hall Aide
30 Brian Allman
40 Charlie O'Brien
East Camp Director

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