2005 Reservation Staff

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1 Keven Hansen
Reservation Director
11 Claudia Clark
Commissary Director
2 Adam "Goat" Wilson
High Adventure
12 Kevin Sullivan
OA Coordinator
3 Ryan Metz
Ranch Foreman
13 Andrew Koehring
High Adventure
4 Alison Kluk
Horse Wrangler
14 Phil "Tripper" Kaehler
Climbing Wall Director
5 Nicole Gil
Climbing Wall Assistant
15 Joel Lisinski
Commissary Assistant
6 Laura Lengerich
Country Store
16 Trent Zellmer
Reservation Ranger
7   17 Dan Berg
Asst. Ranger
8 Brian Rasmussen
Business Manager
9 Ed "Chops" Fitzgerald
High Adventure
10 Nicole Heidstadt
Admin Office Manager

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