1982 East Camp Staff

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1 Todd Johnson 11 Eric Jones 21 Ray Quicksilver
2 Ned Spiecker 12 Andy Taylor 21 Tom McLean
3 Brian Adams 13 Jim Sanders
4 David Kublank 14 Bill Bond
5 R.J Ostry 15 Jim Barr
6 Kevin Thomas 16 Dave Rossow
7 Bob Bennes 17 Steve Cummins
8 Bob Klausegger 18 Jim Russell
9 Rob Levis 19 Wally Traschel
10 Tad Becetti 20 Ken Kaufman

The following names appear on the paddle that hangs in the East Camp Office.
Names highlighted in red have been identified in the photo above,
unhighlighted names have not been assigned to a face in this photo.
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Bill Bond
Tom McLean
Eric Jones
Jim Sanders
Ken Kaufmann
Andy Taylor
Ray Quicksilver
Barbara Knutson
Wally Trachsel
Jim Russell
Bob Bennes
Bob Klausegger
Ken Soren
David Kublank
> Stephen Cummins
Kevin Thomas
Jim Barr
Brian Adams
Todd Johnson
David Rossow
Ned Spiecker
R.J. Ostry
Robert Levis

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