1980 East Camp Staff

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1   11 Tom McLean 21  Jim Harms
2 Bob Bennes 12 Reservation Chaplain
3 Eric Jones 13 Bob Klausegger
4 Marty Herbst 14 Bob King
5 Bill Sutton 15 Thom Boutren
6 Jim Erickson 16  
7 Burt Klein 17 Ian Hopkins
8 Steve King 18 Thad Karol
9   19 K.C. Caracci
10 Rick Rohrer 20 Wally Trachsel

The following names appear on the paddle that hangs in the East Camp Office.
Names highlighted in red have been identified in the photo above,
unhighlighted names have not been assigned to a face in this photo.
Do you see them in the photo above? If you do click here to let us know.

Tom McLean
Thad Karol
Gary Knutson
Steve King
Rick Rohrer
Eric Jones
Jim Erickson
Ian Hopkins
Bob Bennes
Wally Trachsel
Ken Soren
Bob Klausegger
Burt Klein
Scott Burton
KC Caracci
Bill Sutton
Marty Herbst

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