1979 East Camp Staff

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1 Pete Zuelhke 11 John Younts 21 Andy Neilsen
2 Ken Soren 12 Paul Schulz 22 Dave Soloway
3 Matt Donovan 13 Ahituv Shiffman 23 Larry Mathien
4 Kris Kyle 14 Mark Gaines 24 Wally Trachsel
5 Jim Erickson 15 Rick Rohrer 25 Phil Gormley
6 Mike Pawlowski 16 Mike Swanson
7 Marty Herbst 17 Bob King
8 Tom Funk 18 K.C. Carcli
9 John Kyle 19 Ken Kaufmann
10 Ken Beauvais 20 Tom McLean

The following names appear on the paddle that hangs in the East Camp Office.
Names highlighted in red have been identified in the photo above,
unhighlighted names have not been assigned to a face in this photo.
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Tom McLean
John Kyle
Larry Mathein
Dave Soloway
Kris Kyle
Mark Gaines
Ken Beauvais
Ahituv Shiffman
Mike Swanson
Paul Schulz
Ken Kaufmann
Rick Rohrer
Jim Erickson
Matt Donavon
Tom Funk
Phil Gormley
Marty Herbst
Mike Pawlowski
Ken Soren
John Younts
KC Carraci
Jim Swanson

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