1959 West Camp Staff

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1 Jerry North 11   21   31 Bill Binard
2 Biff Hilbrich? 12 Dave Frangquist 22   32 Dick Santee
3   13 Ed Fitzgerald 23 Tom Hughey 33  
4   14 Doug Kindschy 24 Jon Haring 34 Phil Hoza?
5 Tom Verbeke 15 Albert Aspinall 25 Jim Schwechel 35  
6 Bill Bevan 16 Marcia Aspinall 26 Tim Sullivan 36 Bill Milzer
7 Larry Triezise 17 Chuck Gribble 27   37 Bob Gould
8 Henry Haslach 18 Arvilla Thorne 28   38 Walt Bohon
9   19 Ruby Dalton 29  
10 Mike Birdlebough 20 Chuck Elliot 30 Don Faurat

The following names appear on the plaque that hangs in the West Camp Office. 
Names highlighted in red have been identified in the photo above,
unhighlighted names have not been assigned to a face in this photo.
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Charles J. Gribble
Hod Peabody
William Lankton
Douglas Kindschy
Albert Aspinall
Marcia Aspinall
Chuck Elliott
John Elverum
Henry Haslach
Bill Milzer
Rick Ross
Arvilla Thorne
Dick Bernardi
Walter Bohon
Joel Eigerman
Gary Gelb
Jon Haring
Dan Maymon
James Schwechel
John Tegen
Bill Bevan
Carl Christensen
Ed Fitzgerald
Bob Gould
Tom Hughey
Jerry North
Laura Skidmore
Dick Santee
Bill Binard
Ruby Dalton
Dan Faurart
Bruce Halvorsen
Phil Hoza
Clifford Johnson
Tim Sullivan
Ron White
Mike Birdlebough
Bob Doyno
Dave Frangquist
Jim Halborg
Biff Hilbrich
Ray Persson
Larry Trezise
Tom Verbeke

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