1957 Camp Staff

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1 Eric Knowles 16 Jim Gabbard 31 Theora Bazille 46 George Kramer
2 Dick Siebel 17 Pat Kelley 32 Minnie Motts 47 H.W. Hooley "Hod" Peabody
3 Ross Wilhite 18 Ron Williams 33 Larry Reuter
4   19 Dave Ross 34  
5 Tim Buck 20 John Fossbender 35 Jim Hindman
6 Mike Buck 21   36  
7 Bill Johnson 22 Tom Trezise 37 Chuck Gribble
8   23 Bob "Tiny" Kline 38 Dr. Paul Delgado
9 Mike Birdlebough 24   39 Dave Waldsmith
10 Walt Bohon 25 Chuck Elliott 40 Jerry Richards
11 Jonathan Umbach 26 Richard Stanowski 41 Dick Zartler
12   27 Mrs. Stanowski 42  
13 Ken Childs   28 John Brink 43  
14   29 Ed Fitzgerald 44 Bill Binard
15 Reve Carberry 30 Arvilla Thorne 45 Tom Elliot

The following names appear on the staff roster provided by Don Verbeke
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Names highlighted in red have been identified in the photo above,
unhighlighted names have not been assigned to a face in this photo.
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Charles J. Gribble
H.W. Peabody
Harold Thorne
Richard Stanowski
Mike Buck
Charles Elliott
Dave Waldsmith
Jim Gabbard
Jerry Richards
Ken Childs
John Brink
Phil Musgrove
Jim Hindman
Pat Kelley
Dave Kublank
George Kramer
Richard Zartler
Mark Barg
Gary Meyer
Eric Knowles
Rod Suter
Dick Siebel
Hugh Henderson
Jack Smith
Reve Carberry
Bill Binard
Tom Elliott
Jonathan Umbach
Don Verbeke
Tom Trezise
John Fosbender
Dave Shallenberger
Ed Fitzgerald
Don Brandt
Larry Reuter
Ken Gagnepain
Mike Birdlebough
Ron Williams
David Ross
Peter Lindahl
Tim Buck
Arvilla Thorne
Theora Bazille
Minnie Motts
William Stark
Robert Kline
Bill Fleming
Walter Bohon
Fred Weinert
David Moats
Paul Delgado
Mrs. R Stanowski

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