1949 Camp Staff

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2 12   22  
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5   15 25  
6   16 26
7   17   27  
8 18   28  
9   19 Hank Jostock
10 20  


Members of the 1949 Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Staff -- Hank Jostock is pictured in the middle row, far right. Other staff members (not in order, some not in photo). Directors: Al Schwechel and Cliff Peter-son: Dietitian: Mrs. Ed Schwechel; Program Directors: Al Gross and Stan Johnson: Waterfront: Bill Tucker, Tom Tucker, Dave Lasier, Russ Whitney, Jr.; Handicraft: John McDonald, Dick Miya: Nature: Bob Calef; Nurse: Miss Margaret McGoohan; Scoutmasters: Bob Tucker, George Christensen, Bill Fox, Bill Price; Assistant Scoutmasters: Frank Ellis, Mike Clark, Ron Christensen, Lee Allison, Tom Pierce, Dick Petersen, Dave Snazelle, Dick Behan, Phil Hudson, Greg Armstrong; Headquarters: Fred Mohl; Quartermaster: Bob Sick; Kitchen Staff: Hank Jostock, Mrs. Anne Gureski, Harrison Thorne, Mrs. Arvilla Thorne, Mrs. Laura Skidmore, Mrs. Ruby Dalton; Boat Operators: Greg Newell, Bill Contes; Volunteer Leaders: Ray Atwood, Ward Lowe, Ernie Manasse, John Trope, Russ Whitney, Sr., Dick Boyle, Ambrose Cantagallo.
(courtesy of Mar-Apr 2012 Smoke Signals available at seascoutship129.com)

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