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The following pages are an online version of the growing collection of historical and more recent images from Camp Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan. The photos are principally drawn from the collection at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan and at the Northeast Illinois Council office, but an ever increasing number private individuals have made contributions. Images in the Archive are viewable at a maximum dimesion of 2400 pixels. In many cases higher resolution versions of the images are available offline. Please use this link to contact CampMakajawan.org if interested in full resolution images.

Access to the archive requires a login. Please contact Matt Horbal at matt.horbal at gmail.com if you are interested in access. Please include Makajawan Photo Archive in your subject line.

The following pages are a PHP driven gallery of the images in the archive. Images have been tagged to identify the date, location, and persons appearing in the photograph, if known. The search box at top right can be used to search both tags and image descriptions.
   Some notes about the tags:
      1.  All photos are designated into an arbitrary era of which there are three:
             a. Early Years 1929-1958
             b. Growth and Expansion 1959-1999
             c. New Century 2000-2028
      2. If dating information is known or can be inferred from image contents decade (e.g. 1990's) and specific year tags are present.
      3. Location of the photo is tagged, if known. A file decoding the abbreviations is forthcoming.
      4. Persons appearing in the photo are tagged, if known. Refer to the image description for further ID information.
      5. All tagging/description information represents "best known" and is, in general, incomplete at best. Please see below how to supply additional infomation on photos in the archive. 

To contribute additional information on any photograph in the collection, please use the "Add Comment" feature found on the upper left side of the screen. You will need to register for a user account using the register link to be able to make comments.  Your comment will NOT appear immediately. All comments require approval which is a mechanism by which all information contributed can be captured and incorporated into the archive. 

As a general rule photos are not released until 8 years after they are taken. This is an arbitrary choice but should ensure that anyone pictured has reached the age of majority by the time an image is published. If there are any photos you feel for whatever reason should not be published here please do not hesitate to contact me and the photo will be removed.

If you have photos to contribute or any other inquiries please e-mail us by using this link to contact CampMakajawan.org .